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The Physical App Store

2011, 6 weeks

We were invited to the Mozilla festival 2011 in the Ravensbourne College in London to exhibit our Physical App Store which we designed in response to the brief given by *Mozilla to explore a way for the people attending the festival to navigate through the many workshops and talks happening there.

“The Mozilla Festival is a yearly celebration that brings together hundreds of passionate people to explore the frontiers of the open web. We mash developers, designers, and big thinkers together to make things that can change the world.”
We introduced the concept of “Physical Apps” as the majority of those attending were mainly coming from web based companies.

The four Physical Apps we designed, Mozfest Live, Mozfest Radio, Mozfest Images and Mozfest Print were experience prototypes to prove the that linking previously screen based companies and tools can be brought to life through integrating them in to physical objects.