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Mobile Insights
2012, 4 weeks
Insight Gathering and Research
Each of these techniques were important and valid in our research. Photography allowed us to capture the wide variety of cultural differences and to document the insights. Video facilitated this and gave me the opportunity to observe and reflect on the incredibly fast paced life in Ahmedabad and taking notes meant that nothing was forgotten. We designed a questionnaire in order to gain quantative research on how people used their mobile phones and other mobile technologies. To ensure that we asked relevant and useful questions we conducted a focus group with the students from the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad. We then took the questionnaires around campus and helped people to fill them out making sure that we documented it with videos and photographs.
We also took some of the questionnaires out in to the local communities which allowed us to meet people and grow in our understanding of how people in India use their phones.
We conducted further focus groups in order to confirm the insights that we had gathered around the city and through observations where we facilitated and took part in discussions with NID students. This lead us to generating ideas from the insights and we arranged an ideas workshop with the 4th year NID students so that we could validate our designs and confirm our research.